Planned command with repetition doesn't work


I need to restart a xibo player every day, but It doesn’t seem to work when I repeat the command.

I tried some things :

  • Run a command now (works)
  • Run a command on one date (it works)
  • Run a command every minute for this week (doesn’t work)
  • Run a command every 5 minutes for this week (doesn’t work)

The command is a reboot

I have the last update for Xibo

Is that on windows or android or what is the command? just reboot?

Apart from that being rather unusual for reboot command to run that often, I’d still expect that to be executed for better or worse.
Is that scheduled event command type or layout with shell command on it?

It’s on an Android device with an updated licence.

I’m just testing with that timing, every day doesn’t work either.

It’s a scheduled event created in the Planification tab.
A scheduled layout ( a normal one) is working with repetition so repetition is working

I’m testing with a layout with a command in it, ty for the info

It works with a command inside a layout, for me it’s enough but it would be nice to see if the first one is a bug or not

Thank you for confirming that ie the issue seems to only occur with Scheduled event type command with repeats set - I will try to recreate this tomorrow and see if it is indeed a bug.

A command inside a layout that is repeated works too, so the issue seems to only occur when it’s a Scheduled Command.

Thanks for your prompt answer

Did you manage to recreate this issue ? @Peter

We believe we’ve identified the problem, as similar issue occurred with overlay layout scheduled with repeats.

As such we will be looking into fixing that in (hopefully) R105.