php5-zip needed or blank screen on index.php

After a full day of trying to figure out why my system wasn’t working, and even trying to get it to throw an error log, I’ve finally gotten to the heart of the matter and wanted to share to hopefully save someone else my headache - you need php5-zip module installed! This is not on the initial checklist during the setup.

Thanks for the information. I’ll raise it as a bug.

Which version are you running please? The ZIP check was added in 1.7.2

1.7.3 On OpenSuse 13.2

strange indeed because i DO see in config.class.php that there is indeed

function CheckZip() {
return extension_loaded(‘zip’);

I wish I had screenshotted the preinstall checklist page, I had at least 3 people look over my shoulder and verify that I wasn’t crazy and everything showed “Check” and not X. That said I will admit that no “NEXT” button ever showed up and I cheated and looked at the source and manually skirted the fact that “NEXT” never showed up. Perhaps the ZIP check did indeed fail, but it just didn’t show up properly on the screen

continued discussion on github

OK great, I’ll take a better look over on the bug