PHP 7.4.11 and ZeroMq

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CMS Version

Version 2.3.7

Installation Method

Custom install

Operating System

Windows 10 1909


Is there a Solution to run PHP 7.4.11 with ZeroMQ that XMR can be used?

Which version is php_zmq.dll for?
zeromq is not working on php 7.4 version.
If it works, we will be glad if you share it with us.

I can see that ZMQ have done some work on this:, but whether or not that is in your distribution is beyond what I can help you with :slight_smile: you would be better off asking on a forum dedicated to ZMQ or the distro you’re using.

Our latest release uses Alpine 3.12 which is still PHP 7.3, so perhaps that is the best option for now.

Hi, Using php 7.3.12 which zmq version works?
stand-alone installation without docker for windows- Windows Server 2016 (AMD64) with Thread Safety enabled ?

the latest zmq will work with any 7.3 version.

I tested version 1.1.3 but to no avail. It continues with the exclamation and does not appear in the list of modules

If you want to use zeromq you have to use php version 7.2. It’s missing for version 7.4. and it gives an error. library files are not enough. but you can change the source code for version 7.4 yourself. It will take a little trouble.

PHP 7.3:

PHP 7.4:

you will have to try. Don’t forget to change the LoadFile for htdocs.conf and Extension modules for php.ini.

I tried but couldn’t run it.

Ah sorry, I said things wrong!

I have manually installed PHP 7.3.26-1
with ZMQ extension 1.1.3 and libzmq 4.3.2

I thought i have PHP 7.4 running with CMS.

I apologize for just answering now. For installation I opted for a php version 7.2 for security reasons

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