Philips SOC Reboot error

We’re getting the following error when sending a reboot command to the Philips SOC player. The player as Android 8.0.0 running xibo player version 3.0.6.

XFA:RunnableCommand	run: Root access or system signing is required to run commands

Any insight on how to work around this issue on these devices?

Hi, can you just try reboot

Are you adding the reboot command as a shell command in a layout? It can only be run as a command that is defined in the Commands section of the CMS and then run that on a schedule or in real time via XMR: Command Functionality

Yes, we were testing the real time XMR command at the display level.

This issue appears to be related to that was also installed on the device for remote device management. Looks like Esper my have been interfering at some level.

After doing a system reset and not installing Esper, we are able to use just reboot via XMR. We’re continuing to research the issues.

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