Philips 10bdl3051 Android Power On / Off Shell Command

Hello ,

I have a Philips 10bdl3051 andorid display.I want to do Power On & Off using Shell Command. Can you give information for Shell command ? Which commands should I use.Sleep command information required.

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There is no shell command you can use at the moment.

Philips have their own proprietary system for interacting with the device, which we’re in discussions with them around supporting. Until then it won’t be possible to do anything with these.

Once it’s implemented, it should be possible to control the screen power, reboot and do remote upgrades.

I don’t have an ETA for that at the moment.

Is there any progress on this topic. Philips shell commands would be great to have working. We work with philips signage screens only and this feature is the key for us.
thank you.

We’ve had support for Philips screens since R200. See for details