Permissions to Create Users

I want to create two groups for each of our locations that will use Xibo. I have an admin group and a user group. The admin group should be able to create users and assign them to the user group. Under group permissions I’ve selected administration and users. The admin user cannot see the menu option users but they have settings.

What am I missing? Why can’t they see users? How to I remove settings?


OK, so I’ve figured it out. The admin users have to be set to group admin and then remove administration from the admin user group. But they are then only able to create standard users as they can’t assign a group admin user type. Is there a solution for this?

Only Group Admins and Super admins can create users, then only Super Admins can assign Group Admin/Super admin user type for users.

In short, super admin would need to create (or edit existing user) and give them group admin user type if needed.

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