Permissions- Media Library Access Denied

Help please. I am setting up a new user on Xibo Client and want them to be able to add their own images to the layout- however they can add images to the media library but when they go on the region timeline to add image and click on view library it says access denied. What do I need to make sure they can access the images that they have uploaded to the library?

Many thanks

So the minimum permissions for a user to see Media library, Layout pages and upload new media / add media to layout.

Page security
homepage and login

Menu security
Dashboard -> Library
Design -> Layouts
Library -> Media
Top Nav -> Design, Library

You will also need to give that user view/edit permissions to any media files existing in the library you want them to see / add to a layout
Similar, you will want to give that user view/edit permissions with ‘Update these permissions on all layouts, regions and media’ checkbox ticked to any layout you want them to edit.

It should be similar/same in earlier 1.7 series, but we’d recommend using 1.7.8 CMS.

Thanks for your reply.

Currently using the 1.8 beta version. The permissions I have set for the user, under page security, are as follows:
Dashboard, home, layout, library, media dashboard, preview, region, status dashboard, timeline

But when clicking view library, when trying to add an image it still shows as access denied.
I’ve set permissions in the library image for view/edit/delete and it still doesn’t show. Also, if they are uploading a huge amount of images do I still then need to give them permissions for each one?

I don’t understand where I’m going wrong. Also, is menu security a different set of permissions, I can’t seem to find that

1.8 has different permissions.

so in 1.8 you would give your user following permissions

-* not necessary

view/edit to any existing media files.
If that user uploads something new file, he will see it as well.

view/edit with ‘Cascade permissions to all items underneath this one’ enabled for any layout you want them to have access to.

With all of the above user will be able to upload new files to the library and use any existing ones that he has access to. He will also be able to edit layouts he has access to and add media files from library/upload new ones on the designer view as well.

You can also go to CMS settings → permissions and change it to group (so then all users in the same group as user uploading new files will see them) or public (every user will see them).
In most cases you will also want to have ‘Inherit permissions’ enabled.

Great, thanks for that. It seems to have fixed the problem. Still don’t fully understand the way it works but appreciate the quick and helpful response! :ok_hand: