Permissions Issue with Xibo 1.8.10

Users are unable to select displays any more when trying to add a new event in the schedule view. In the schedule view a user can see the list of displays they have access to and can select one. With a display selected the user can then choose to add a new event and the display is already filled in for them on the schedule event window. If the user tries to change the display or add a new event without a display selected on the schedule view when the schedule event window comes up there are no longer any displays to select.

The users have view and edit rights to the display. The only way to get the displays to show in the schedule event view is to give the users access to display groups view, then their displays show again on the schedule event window. We do not want to allow users access to display groups as we are not using them.

Let me know if you have any questions. This was working in our previous version which was 1.8.4.

Thanks for your message.

This has already been recorded as an issue here:

As an aside the same is true if a user doesn’t have permission to the Campaigns page, they won’t see layouts in the schedule form.

OK, didn’t see that, thanks.

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