Permissions, Groups, and Template Groups


I’ve recently installed Xibo on my localhost and I’ve been testing the software out. One concern I have is not figuring out the permission and group settings. I’ve read the manual pages ( + ) set up users groups, assigned permission etc. I still can’t seem to “lock down” the layouts or regions within certain layouts or groups and users. Your help is much appreciated.

My Goals:

  • Restrict layouts to User Groups.
  • Create user levels that can edit layouts, media images, and regions within say one layout.
  • Create User Groups within a Group (not sure if this can be done?).

Strategy for my Objectives:

  • Create 3 PACKAGE Deals that include various templates that members can sign up and use.
  • Package 1 would includes templates 1-2 (templates 1-2)
  • Package 2 would includes templates 1-5 (templates 1-2 + templates 3-5)
  • Package 3 would includes templates 1-10 (templates 1-2 + templates 3-5 + templates 6-10)
  • I need to assign users to a group for a customer.
  • Assign that Customer Group to the one of the Package Deals.
  • Inside a Package are templates layouts with restricted regions based on the package of their subscription.

For Example:
Package 1 has 2 templates. Assign a business customer to a new User Group (say Biz1 Company) then some how associate Biz1 Group to the Package 1. Not sure if I’m approaching this correctly.

Can someone point me in the right direction for my 3 goals? Your help is much appreciated.

Is it 1.8.1 CMS or 1.7 series?

Your user (not super admin) will need to be a member of a userGroup, then you will adjust the permissions for that userGroup to see layouts page, if said user should also see any existing layouts, then you’d need to assign him permissions directly to a specific layout.

Similar to the earlier point, you will want that user to have access (view/edit) to Layouts page and full access to any existing layouts that he should see(and edit), you will also need to assign permission to any media files that this user should be able to use.

Nested user groups are not supported at this time - user can be a member of more than one group though.
And you can assign permissions directly to a user as well.

You will most likely want to have 3 userGroups with very similar page permissions (to layouts, templates page), but with different permissions to specific templates, layouts and perhaps media files.

Then once you have those 3 userGroups, you’d create a new user (not super admin type), new user comes without any permissions, then you’d assign said user to one of those groups which will grant that user all the permissions assigned to the group he’s a member of.

Thanks Peter for the quickly reply. I’ll set things up this week as you suggested and let you and other know the results or if I have additional questions.