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i try to create a new User who should can create own layouts and show the Preview of the layout.
But I don’t want to give the user all admin rights, just so that he can build his own layouts.
Which permissions do I have to give him all so that he can do that?



Hi, so when you assign a new user you have a choice of User Type and User Group

The ‘User’ type ‘User Group’ does not have any admin rights and will give Users of this type and group access to their own Layouts, Media and Schedules.

If you wanted to restrict access to scheduling for the user, then you could create your own User Group and give them all the permissions as in the existing ‘User Group’ with the exception of Display / Schedule / Schedule Now.

Do take a look at our Permissions page for further information on the permissions that can be assigned.

I have assigned these rights to the user, but he cannot assign widgets to regions in a new layout. What is still missing here?
The user is a USER (not a Group Admin or Super Admin)

ACL for User TEST:

  • Campaigns
  • Commands
  • DataSets
  • layout
  • Library
  • Manual
  • Media dashboard
  • Modules
  • Preview
  • Regions
  • Schedule Now
  • templates

You would need to add Playlists to this list.

Thank you , this was the failed permission. :+1:

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