Permission problem on Layout


We have a user, hannah, in a permission group, Production Group, who is having permission problem on a Layout.

The layout has different regions and we only want the Production Group to be able to change the content in a single region but not delete the region from the layout accidentally.

How and where should the permissions be setup?
We are having problems at the moment where she can’t added and remove and reorder content in the region timeline.



You will need the page permission to layouts, playlist, preview, regions probably to library if that user should be able to upload files to the CMS as well.

Then on the layout itself you will need to assign view/edit permissions, since you do not wish to assign permissions to every region on this layout, you would need to open designer and assign permissions directly to the required region and all existing widgets in it.

There was a bug with that in earlier CMS version, it should be fixed in 1.8.8.

If you’re using 1.7 or earlier CMS please do let us know, as the permissions were different in those versions.