Permission problem in Displays Group

I did several tests, but unfortunately I could not solve.

The user with permission to view a display group has normal access to the display group to edit the group members and even delete.

CMS 1.7.4, did not realize the test in 1.8.

Hi Laercio,

That’s not entirely right so:

Page security
Homepage and login*

Menu security
-Displays group

Top Nav

And only ‘view’ permissions to existing display group. This user will be able to access displays group page, create new display group and of course edit it add new members (if he has permissions to specific existing displays) because he is an owner of this display group.
He will not be able to edit existing (created by other user) display group with only ‘view’ permissions.
It will look like this:

In the above scenario, the Riverside display group was created by the admin and he gave only ‘view’ permissions to my current user.
The same user created the ‘aa’ display group which he can edit, but as you can see he can’t edit ‘Riverside’ display group.

Thanks for the answers.

Unfortunately in my CMS in version 1.7.4 this behavior different.
The user only view can edit the information in the players group.

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I have a question regarding pretty much your every post about permissions.

When you created that user, what user group does he belongs to?
the default ‘Users’ perhaps?
In which case that could explain a few things.

Hello Peter,

Yes, I’m using the default users group.
I appreciate any guidance.

I performed the same tests in the CMS 1.8 and did not find problems with
access to menu items, did more advanced tests.

Unfortunately in 1.7.4 can not access the features using the normal user.

Well ‘Users’ user group has some permissions assigned by default.
Also after CMS upgrades those permissions might be a little bit weird, so you might need to unassign and assigned them again.

I’d recommend creating new user group and user(be sure your user is assigned to correct user group and at least for tests to only one user group), set permissions as I described in your various topics and see if it’s better. I did exactly that today when I was answering your questions, just to be sure.

1.8 has a bit different permission system as I am sure you noticed. It is definitely better and we are glad that you also like it.

Tip your work, to delete all permissions and perform the settings again.

Thank you.

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Email Pessoal:
Skype: laercionit