PDF not showing on miibox Android TV anymore

I’m using some miibox Android TVs (Xiaomi MIIBOX3 Android 8.0.0) to display PDF and videos with Xibo.
By the end of July, it have stopped to display the PDF files, and we only get a black screen instead in this region.
I’ve tried to upgrade CMS (cloud), and Android apk on the displays to latest version (202) and nothing have solved this issue for now…


Thank you for your message. You mentioned in your message that you have a cloud CMS, is this a reference to the Xibo Cloud service or another cloud service hosting your CMS? If it is the former, you are welcome to open a ticket on the Xibo Help Desk for further support.

Please provide a screenshot of the Status page from your Players. You can access the Status page by going to the miibox and clicking on the screen while the Player is running, then choose Status from the options that appear at the top of the screen. Please note that this screenshot could contain sensitive information that you do not wish to share publicly on this forum. You are welcome to send the screenshots to me privately in a message or I would recommend obscuring the CMS and XMR information before posting.

Can you also confirm if you are receiving any errors from your Players in CMS, under the Logs option? If you see any errors, please pass them on.

Many Thanks.

Thank you for your reply DanBW,
I didn’t find the logs on my players… Clicking on the screen while the player is running doesn’t work.
I’m opening a support ticket, as I’m using xibo cloud service…