PDF media occascionally displays blurry on devices updated from R104 to R108


We updated two DSdevices recently from 1.8.104 to 1.8.108, and noticed that the pdf media displays blurry content from both devices. All other units NOT currently running the latest XIBO client update appear to display the content just fine.

The blurry content is not all the time, its like after three or so play cycles, it goes blurry. I will hold off on applying this update to the other devices.


Thank you for passing on this information. I would be happy to test your PDF files on my own Player if you can send me a download link in a private message.

Many Thanks.


Same problem here. I have two regions, each with 6 PDF files and a media duration of 30 seconds. Randomly some PDF’s are very blurry.


I am testing Android version 1.8-108 and seeing this behavior too. Is there a fix for this?