Passing XIBO content via URL or other means

New to the XIBO world and have found that it works quite well for our use as an internal communication board for our company. Course we are still just doing some of the basics.

But now, with a good deal of our employees working from home, the President of the company has asked if we can share the same content that is showing on our internal displays to those at home.

Any ideas?

Do you mean like a player that ran in a window on someone’s desktop, without taking over the entire screen?

Yes, as if they were watching a streaming media file.

I am very new to Xibo but not to the web and development. I wished for something like you described, too.

I solved my problem by running a Windows 10 virtual machine on my desktop in order to watch how my displays would behave. My CMS is running on an Ubuntu server on the internet.

Yes…I ended up doing something similar using a tool called Guacomole and giving a link to my user at home.

Can you supply a link to that tool and describe how you used it?

The tool is found here:

We set it up on each of our digital displays and created accounts that were read only, so they could view the display, but not alter anything.
In Guacamole we set up a group just for the displays and a generic account to use to sign in to the display. This allows our users at home via the link to sign into a display associated with their department.
It’s FAR from perfect but got us around this issue till we find another way to address.

Multiple people viewing the read-only stream fed by the Xibo client computer? It doesn’t slow it down?

But yes, I’m eager to hear about ways of sending a Xibo client’s image and sound to, say, a live feed that people would see if they visited a web page (and not requiring a login.)

I can imagine crude / expensive / clumsy hardware-based methods of grabbing the video from a player and converting it to something that can livestream on a web page. I can also imagine software-based methods that are not yet written.

This does require a log in…but it’s a generic log in so not a big deal. In our environment we have not seen any speed issues…but it’s not like a lot of people are looking at it at one time. We were more worried about our guacomole server slowing down as we use that tool regularly for IT.

In each Layout it is possible to generate a web link to preview the Layout so that we can see how it will look in production. however to access this link requires authentication with Xibo login and password, is there any way to access this link without login or password? That way I could leave a web link for people to follow …

Sorry can’t help…as that is much deeper than we went with this tool.

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