Pasi̇f i̇çeri̇kleri̇ si̇lemi̇yorum

Hello there

I cannot delete files that are inactive in my Xibo library even though I said ‘Remove from All Designs’ or’ delete this content. I cannot do anything to passive files. How can I delete these files.


Xibo kütüphanemde pasif durumda olan dosyaları ‘Tüm Tasarımlardan kaldır’ veya 'bu içeriği sil dememe rağmen silemiyorum. Hiç bir işlem yapamıyorum pasif dosyalara. Bu dosyaları nasıl silebilirim.

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Use the Usage Report to see if they are still showing as in use and manually clean that up if needed. If you are a Xibo in the Cloud customer we are happy to take a look at that for you!

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