Overlays not updated



The content of my overlays are not updated after changing the content in the CMS. If I change a schedule that works fine as soon the player does a schedule update.
If I do a re-reconnect to the CMS, the overlay will be updated, even a short off-on standby by pressing the on/off button on the player or the remote control, the overlay is immediately updated.

I’am using Xibo 1.8.9 with Minix NEOz64 with Xibo for Android 1.8 R106

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Could you please tell me what kind of changes are you making to the overlay layout and which widgets are present on it?


Hello Peter,

I tried several widgets, tekst, datasets etc. E.g., if I make a simple text “test 1”, make a calendar overlay entry with a custom period, it appears on the screen. When I change the text to “test 2” it does not change on the screen.
If I do the same thing in a standard layout it is changes as soon as the player does its schedule update.

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I’d expect the overlays to be updated just as the normal layouts are, with that being said there are some issues with overlays on Windows in 1.8.9, which will be resolved in 1.8.10 - https://github.com/xibosignage/xibo/milestone/33?closed=1

As a side note, using the report flag on your own post to notify moderators in this case (where there isn’t anything that requires moderation) isn’t really what this function is for.


Hello Peter,

I won’t use the report flag for this again!
Do these issues also count for the android clients ?

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Jules Bruggeman


Hello Peter,

I still have the problem, is this a recognized problem or am I doing anything wrong ?
Now we have to switch the player to standby and back after each modification of the overlay.



I Have the same exact problem.Android Player last one. 09/12/2018. Would like to know the fix/solution. Thank you all for the excellent and hard work.


Thank you for bringing this to our attention and apologies to user evaret for the delay acknowledging the issue. I have created a bug report and included a link below:

Many Thanks.



In Github I saw this remark:
“Peter Mis commented: The issue does not seem to affect neither Windows or Android players, as such I will close this report.”

Does it mean the problem is not recognized ? I have this issue with both Windows and Android players,



I have the same problem on android, but the support told me a solution. Go to the layout and open the region options. Check the “Loop” option, than the overlay updates fine :slight_smile:


Upgraded to 1.8.12, problem is solved! :smiley: