Overlay region not looping


as mentioned in the title I am having issues with a region which I have in a overlay layout which isn’t looping like it should

Could you please tell us more details? What exactly seems to be wrong there?

Is the whole over layout gone or is it nor showing the content correctly?

that I’m not sure about as the overlay layout only has one region in it, so all I can see on the display the base layout and a gap which I had left for the other region. this region in the overlay will only appear once after I schedule it

Is it windows or android client?
Could you show me the status screen when the issue occurs please?

Also how did you schedule it? With Always Daypart or some manually configured start/end time?
What the duration of your overlay layout and ‘normal’ layout?
Is the overlay displayed again when the ‘normal’ layout reloads? (ie when the region with longest duration ends)

-windows client
-both the normal layout and the overlaid layout are set to always
-the duration of the normal layout is 16 minutes, and it defiantly hasn’t shown after that time

  • here is the status screen from the player