Overlay layouts not updating on Windows client

I have an overlay layout playing on several players. The layout is not updating. Normal layouts will update and the player is checking in and downloading new content. This applies to tickers, the clock in a text field, and the weather module. putting a gap in the schedule does not update these overlay regions. Only restarting the player will update them.

I am running 1.8.2 players on Windows 10 and 1.8.2 CMS.

Is the XMR working?
Does the player shows any error on the status screen / CMS log page?

If you look at the schedule.xml in your player local library, does that contain new dependencies for the overlay layout?

Are you making changes to the overlayout layout in the layout designer and that’s not updated or what happens with the clock for example?

What duration does your layout have? (ie waht’s the max region duration on your layout)

XMR is connected on the player status screen. I do not see any errors showing up.

schedule.xml is showing all media and layouts correctly including anything I add to the schedule while the overlays stop updating.

The clock simply stops advancing after a period of time. I have been unable to determine the exact period of time so far. The max duration of the overlay layout is between 10 seconds and 4 minutes depending on how many items scroll on the bottom ticker.

I can’t seem to recreate this issue locally.

Would it be possible for you to send me your ‘normal’ layout and the overlay layout so I can test it with the same content as you do? If you could also tell me if you’re doing any changes in the layout designer or do the clock just stops and presumably ticker does not show new items?

If so send me those layouts over private message please.