Overlay layout not working as expected

I’m having trouble displaying an overlay layout that has a clock and an image, occupying top 100px on the layout. When scheduled, overlay clock seem not to be displayed but the image appears fine. Underneath the overlay layout, I have a regular layout that has various regions starting from 101px from top position. That means there’s nothing on this layout that would overlap with overlay layout content. However, I have an image set as background for this regular Layout. I have made sure that the clock text color doesn’t blend in with background.
I’m not sure what I’m missing here.

I’m using Xibo 1.8.1 on Ubuntu with Docker, displaying on Windows Player.

Any suggestions please?

Is the background image in .jpg format?

On the overlay layout does the image and clock overlap?

If you’d add the same regions to the ‘regular’ layout does it display it fine then?

Hi Peter,
Thanks for getting back so quickly!
The background image is in .png format, does it have to be .jpg format?
The clock and image on overlay layout do not overlap
Just tried the clock on regular layout and it seems to be working perfectly, even with .png format background image.

On Windows client you will want to use .jpg as a background image, there will be more issues with other formats.

Hi Peter,
I tried ta .jpg background image on my regular layout but still getting the same results. The clock in overlay layout appears to have a white background and since my text colour on the clock is white too, I do not see anything. I was hoping the clock will have a transparent background in overlay layout and since the portion of the background image (on the regular layout) that clock covers is red, it would have been perfect. Is it the way the clock supposed to behave?

It’s most likely due to limitation of Xibo for Windows regarding overlapping regions/ transparency.

You can send me your layouts (the default + overlay) and I’ll run it here to see how does it behave.

Please send it to me via private message (you will need to upload it somewhere (dropbox/gdrive etc) and share the download link with me).