Overlapping region controls

Dear Sir,

i have a layout with 2 regions one is under the other one, the one on top has a png with transparent box frame, the one on the bottom has a video and image items.

now everything is working fine on my android player, however when i need to update the content i cant reach the options of the region on bottom as the one on top is covering it. there should be some way to control this, maybe a list of regions that you can select whatever region someone wants to edit !! or is there some way ??


Are you using 1.7.8 CMS?

You should be able to move your mouse to the left down corner of the smaller region like this:

Then double click the highlighted area and it will open timeline of this region.

Alternatively you can resize/move bigger region to access the smaller one.

1.8 will bring some layout designer improvements, it should be more user friendly.

Dear Peter,

thanks for your replay, my situation is exactly like the image you posted however the smaller region is in the back and the bigger one in front, so i cant access the smaller one !!