Output Different on Matched Hardware

Hey @dan,

I’m seeing two different outputs on two boxes. Both are DSCS9s running android 1.8-106.

One of them looks correct, but shows the wrong time in spite of having the correct time zone:

The other one shows the correct time, but the size is clearly wrong and it left aligns instead of right aligning:

The only differences between the two boxes are that they have different models of screen attached, and the top one cannot communicate via XMR currently. Outside of that they should be 100% identical.


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UPDATE: Turns out the time was just not being correctly auto-detected on the first screen.

So now to figure out why the widget’s size and styling is not working. :thinking:

Could you send me this layout via private message please?

I assume this is the same exact layout on both boxes?

I assume both monitors have the same resolution and both players are using the same display profile?

I can’t believe this. It fixed itself.

I pulled it up today and it’s suddenly correct. Generally I’d say it was a collection issue, but the layout was updating all the way through–even the positions of the regions were shifting around the screen as changes were made.

While that is super frustrating, I guess I’m good now? Thanks for your time, @Peter.

Did you perhaps run verify all on Modules page or make any other changes?

Perhaps this particular player had problems downloading some module files or was it up to date all the time with everything downloaded on Manage page?

In any case, I’m glad it is correct now.

We’d certainly expect the same layout on the same hardware to look the same without a need for any specific actions.

I did modify the layout several times, but I saw the changes apply on the malfunctioning display each time–just super tiny. Not sure why it suddenly decided to kick into high gear!

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