Output Android player stops


I have an adroid player, and the hdmi output stops after xx hours of playing.
When I push the power button, I can briefly see an empty XIBO-screen.
When I restart the device, the output works again for several hours.

My question: can I check a log to see what is happening? And if yes, where and how can I find this log?

Please help me,
Regards, Peter

I have updated now to version 3.0.1.
Hopefully this will solve my problem. I will leave the device running, and check tomorrow if it still works.

But I still would like to know where I can find the log files.

Regards, Peter

Hello good morning.

The same thing happens to me, it goes black with version 3.0.1 of Android.

Have you been able to solve it?

Hi Fernando,
I downgraded to version V2 R216, becasue my CMS is also V2.
On this version R216 there are still issues. I have send the info-file from the player to the helpdesk of Xibo, and they told they will investigate.
In the meanwhile, I changed from wifi to cable internet, and it seems more stable. I will check tomorrow if the player still works.

Regards, Peter

Hi Fernando,
I received the beta-version v3_R302. My player is now more than 96 hours playing. Without any interruptions,
Next Tuesday, this software will be officially released.
I hope this will sove your problems also.

Regards, Peter

This is an update regarding the issue you are all experiencing. Thank you Peterspie for letting the other users know that you were testing a pre-release which has resolved your issue. R302 has now been officially released, which includes the fix mentioned by Perterspie. You can all test this to see if it fixes your issues too. Please also note that R217 also released today, which also includes the proposed fix. I have provided links for both so that you can download the version most appropriate for your setup and confirm if the issue is resolved:

R302 release post: Xibo for Android | v3 R302 Available
R217 release post: Xibo for Android | v2 R217 Available

Many Thanks.

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