Other users appearing in Dashboard and Permissions


I have set up few users to control their respective displays, content, …
But when one of the user logs in, the dashboard show “total users” as teh real total of users on my CMS, not on the user account. Same is happening with permissions, all users appear in the list, not only users related to the accoutn they control.

That’s correct yes.

Xibo isn’t designed to run multi-tenanted where users cannot see any information about others using the same CMS. In that scenario, you should run a Xibo instance per CMS.

There are lots of reasons for that, chief among them being that when you come time to upgrade the CMS, you don’t have to get agreement from every user about when they will upgrade their Player versions to match.

1.8 makes some improvements in that regard, however we’d still recommend running an instance per organisation.


I appreciate your answer, What improvements exactly are made in 1.8 ? Is it worth updating ?

It seems difficult to understand why users can interfere with other users permissions for example.

Is there a work around bu creating special users or groups to limit the visibility between users ?