Option to enable caching of empty feeds

Is there any way I can request an option for this below feature to be disabled with some sort of radio button? There are times when we have no events at a location and as such would prefer it to display “empty” feeds.

I’ve changed the title of this because actually the change you want is to allow the CMS to consider an empty feeds as valid and cache it, not disabling caching of an empty feed (because that’s what we’re doing already)

Can I support this. Just spent a fair chunk of time banging my head against why an RSS region would not clear once the message had been removed from the feed. Luckily I stumbled upon the thread this request developed from. Either some documentation or a clearer error message stating an empty RSS feed is ignored may be nice.

I have gotten around it by hardcoding a dummy blank item into the code that generates the RSS feed.

Context: this was a feed to publish “urgent” messages and there tends only to be one message at a time and they can be days apart.

We are working on hardcoding something into our systems as well. However, it would be nice to have the ability to “switch off” this cached feature for some of our RSS feeds.