Opening Xibo source for windows in Visual Studio 2013 generates error

I downloaded the Windows Client source. Then tried opening the same in VS 2013.
I am getting this error “Missing default.xml file” when trying to pen the solution in Visual Studio 2013 Professional.
Mr. Alex : I am sorry for having posted my query on github.

Have you tried opening the project rather than the solution? Also is that the exact error message? And when does the error happen, on build?

Message appears when the MainForm.cs is being opened.
Missing default.xml file. This should be in the same path as the executable.If I press ok on the message box the VS shows this message “to prevent data loss before loading hte designer, the following errors must be resolved”. Then, hte following is displayed:

Instances of this error (1)
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at XiboClient.ApplicationSettings.get_Default() in c:\Users\XXX\Documents\Visual Studio 2013\Projects\xibo-dotnetclient-develop\Logic\ApplicationSettings.cs:line 89

If I try ignore and continue, I get this message : Ignoring these exceptions will put the designer in an unstable state that could result in the loss of controls. Do you want to continue
If I continue, again the same message is displayed with path to USers\xxx\AppData\Roaming\devenv.config.xml

Can some one throw some light on this or is it a trivial mistake on my part ??

MainForm.cs is not designed to be opened in the Designer mode - you should open it in Code edit mode only. The form is just a special container for other items that are loaded - there isn’t anything to design

Most grateful for the reply. I gave up hope of one. Thanks. I will try to open the same as code edit mode and get back with feed back.

Unfortunately, I have no experience with WinCE and do not know if there are any limitations you should be aware of.

The Player does use a lot of ActiveX, which might be a problem for you.


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