Open Weather Widget Not Found

I’ve recently upgraded to Version 2.3.3 and want to install the OpenWeather Widget, but it’s not available for me to install:

Not shown in the list of installed modules either:

The Open Weather Widget is not a new module, it uses the existing Weather module where you would just need to enter an API key into the Weather module settings. As you have recently upgraded, you may find that your Weather module is labelled as ‘Forecast IO’.

Could you click on the verify all modules button and then take a look at previous pages for Forecast IO, do let us know if this is not the case.

OK, I’ve added the API key. The reason I was looking for the new Module was because of this instruction from your guide:

Why does it mention the Weather Widget showing this Icon I’m still to use the Forecast IO ?


If you upgrade from an old version of the CMS to a newer version and the module is already installed, then it will not be renamed, therefore your ‘Weather’ module is still named as Forecast IO.

You can rename in the database by running the following:

update `module` set `Name`="Weather" where `module`="forecastio";

If you have our Cloud hosting we can certainly do that for you.

OK, good to know. Thanks for your help :slight_smile:

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