Open natively crashes

On one windows player (On my PC) when I set a layout to open natively I can see the web page. On another windows Xibo player I keep getting a black screen. Only when setting to one of the other options (Best fit for example) I can see the web page but there is something that works differently then when displaying on a regular web browser. The size of some elements is different. This is why I want to test it with open natively.

Could you double check browser emulation setting for your second PC? (the one with problems).

Also if it’s running Windows 10, please also make sure that ‘change the size of text, apps and other items’ is set to 100% ( it’s in display settings in Windows).

Hi, When I modified the registry key I see the HTML in a huge zoom in. We think it is because only the HTML is loaded without the java scripts and css files. This is weird. If I change it from open natively to best fit it looks fine.
This is with “Open natively”:

This is with “Best fit”:

The green background with the cloud is actually supposed to represent the weather in the top right corner. It is displayed like this because the CSS and java script is not loaded when “Open natively” is selected.
This is strange because on my PC it is fine.

After changing these setttings in the browser settings:

I get a black screen with “Open natively”

Please, can someone help with this?

Is the webpage accessible over the internet?

If so I’m happy to see how will it look like on my PC - please do send the webpage url via private message.

How do I send a private message here?