One Playlist on Multiple Displays

Hi there and first of all big thumps up for the work done and the progess made with Xibo.

Our Youth Center is a new Xibo user and we want to roll it out to our Public Displays.
So far no problem. :slight_smile:

While designing the layouts I came across a “problem” and I hope that there is a smart solution for this.

We have three displays all with different layouts, but they all should have one Playlist that is running on all of them.
Is there any possibility to make a playlist I can push to all of them, so whenever I insert a new item (picture, website etc.) i dont have to update all layouts but just one playlist?

Best regards and many thanks


That could be possible when the playlist feature will be fully implemented (1.9 series).

For now, if they are displaying different layouts then you’d need to edit each one of those layouts.

If there should be also one layout running on all of the displays, then you could create a campaigns for each display (3 campaigns in total),
each campaign would have 1 common layout and the layout specific to certain display.

Then you could schedule those campaigns to your displays.

Once you’d have that, you could edit either the specific layouts or the common layout and it will be updated on screens accordingly.

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