One pc 4 screens, 1 big player

Hi Xibo,

Is it possible to use one player to span over a 2x2 screen setup with actually spanning the monitors?
I’m testing with a 2x2 setup of 1920x1080 screens and want to create 1 4K resolution based player.

But the monitor’s are extending each other so in view of windows, 4 separate displays.7

When creating or using a custom resolution, we see that it diverts back to the primary screen only.


You’d need to have 4 screen set as extended background in Windows, so technically you have one big screen then.

Then you’d need a new display profile with the width/height specified to cover all 4 screens and assign that display profile to your player.

Hi Peter,

But this means that you need to span your monitors, not extend them correct?
Spanning cause Windows to see this as one large display, but extending them Windows still see’s them as individual screens.

With Span I mean: Spanning displays
With Extend I mean: Extending displays

But if spanning, than the xibo player doesn’t really native support this, it just relies on the resolution how the OS see’s it. (Not meaning to pinpoint negatively, just trying to set objective facts)