On xibo 1.7.7 reset the password doesn't work

I have a new install Xibo in version 1.7.7, and the password that a have set on the installation doesn’t work.
And when i use the sql command :
UPDATE user SET UserPassword = MD5(‘password’), CSPRNG = 0 WHERE username =
‘admin’ LIMIT 1;
I still can’t logged in.
thanks for your help

You might be affected by this bug:

It was solved in 1.7.8

I have install the version 1.7.8 and I have the same problem.
The Mysql then I use have the parameter BINLOG_FORMAT set to STATEMENT. Actually I can’t change this parameter.

Thanks for your help.

If you are running 1.7.8 then it probably isn’t an issue with binlog.

We’d need more information I think - some logging from the CMS during the login action.

As a first step you could try changing these lines to:

ini_set('display_errors', 1);

And then seeing if you get any additional output when you try to login.

At the first time I have upgrade from 1.7.7, and this doesn’t work. After them I have delete all the files and the database, and then the admin password reset works fine.

Thanks for your help

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