Offline Ticker RSS with Images

As would be great if it were offline RSS Ticker !! And with regular updates!

I think the offline ticker should already work when we release 1.7.2 - it certainly was our intention to support that.

I am not sure what you mean by:

It seems like if it is offline it would be impossible to update it?

If the internet is not available or is too slow, the RSS information (XML) is not shown. And if there is any image on this rss xml, it is also not shown. So if download content and view what is cached, solve this situation. And this chache could be updated through a configuration parameter in the CMS. I have tested other applications for digital signage that make it and works well (they are paid, of course!).

That’s exactly how Xibo works in 1.7 series (or should, bugs permitting).

The CMS pulls down new RSS content subject to a cache parameter. The client then downloads that from the CMS to show it. If the CMS is unavailable then cached content will be shown until the client is able to update.

There was a bug with this mechanism in 1.7.0 and 1.7.1 only - which we have fixed in our development branch and will release in 1.7.2.

The bug was that Xibo cached the content, but if the player was offline when the cache interval expired it showed a blank space instead of the cache (only when the cache setting interval expired)

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I turned off the WiFi and really works

The internet speed is very slow here.
Always is in the cache, it is very fast text and image display (rss xml)
I know an app that works offline. And the information is updated every 15 minutes (if there is something new to update) …

I am not entirely sure - but I think you are saying you have tried it out and it works as you want? If that is the case, then that’s great! :smile:

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