Odd Webpage Preview Problem

For the first time today, I noticed that on my system, I can only preview webpages on my same subdomain within Xibo. I assume this is probably some type of firewall or security issue where I work, but I need a little guidance on how the preview works so that I can narrow down where a change needs to be made.

The system is on-premise (not hosted), and I am able to preview websites within my subdomain (e.g. sub.example.org, sub.example.org/page, etc), but I am not able to preview any other pages, even on my larger domain (e.g. example.org/page, differentsub.example.org, twitter.com, etc).

The odd thing, however, is that using the Embed module, the same behavior is replicated for iframes of webpages, but it works fine for iframes of YouTube videos or other various external widgets (Twitter widgets for instance).

Can someone explain the preview functionality a bit more and advise on where I may need to make a change? I highlight preview because it works fine for the actual player, but I need to be able to manually fit a page outside of my subdomain into a layout.

Okay. Nevermind – accidentally found the answer, but going to leave this here for future reference. It has to do with a site sitting called “x-frame-options” …

I realized right after posting, I should look at the Developer tools in browser. I got the error “Refused to display ‘https://www.youtube.com/’ in a frame because it set ‘X-Frame-Options’ to ‘sameorigin’.” – apparently this is a setting set by the site you are trying to display. I have determined that I can view other sites just fine, so it’s purely a website specific problem.

The preview just uses an iframe as you say. On the Player however, it’s a separate browser instance.

There’s two main things that prevent the browser preview from working. The first is if you are trying to preview a page that uses https or http in opposite to the method you use to access the CMS. The second is specific flags that can be set by the origin website that prevent their content from being embedded in that way.

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