Odd dates appearing during edit of campaign schedule

I’m trying to edit a scheduled campaign from the Schedule screen. Initially I had set the campaign to run from 23rd May to 31st May. When I click on the campaign icon in the calendar and the edit dialog opens up - the Start and End dates are displayed in a mangled format.

Start Date is showing as 2016-0-23 0:
End Data is showing as 2016-55-31 23:

This is precipitating in me having to adjust both start and end dates (and times) during each edit. Why is this happening?

Screenshot is attached:


Thank you,

Are you by any change using ‘International Dates’? (CMS settings -> regional tab)
what’s your date format if you do use it?

Yes - am using International Dates. My default date format is ISO - even on my workstation.

… and funny thing is, once you pointed it out and I unchecked International Dates, the issue went away!!!

Any idea why internat. dates triggers this?


So if you really want to use international dates the date format in cms settings should be YYYY-MM-dd HH:mm:ss
that should be fine on most pages with few exceptions.

If you’d use the default date format Y-m-d H:i and disable international dates then it should be fine on all pages.

Thank you Peter. That explains.