Number of plays in database?

hey guys.
i wonna know that from where in the database does xibo extract the ''number of plays" stat ?
where can i find the “number of plays” in the database?
(side note : number of plays is located in ''xibo cms > displays > Statistics")
any help would be appreciated.

You can find that information (as raw data) in the stat table - it is a COUNT of those records according to the filter options you’ve selected.

thank you sir.
is there anyway i could extract the ‘‘number of plays’’ of every single video from the database?
i mean xibo does tell us the exact number when the source of the video is for example the ftp(or it isn’t local), but it doesn’t when the video is is there anyway i could extract the exact ‘‘number of plays’’ of a local video?

You mean a video that is not stored in the Library?

That is a bit difficult because the ID of that video will be different if it is used across different Layouts. If you can find the widgetId of the local video widget, then you can filter on widgetId in the table.

thanks again.but how can i find the widget id of a local video.

Open the Layout Designer, Edit the region timeline, find the local video, hover over the “edit” url and see the link address in the bottom left. The number in there is the widgetId.

That will be different for every layout you used that local video on.

If you have the video uploaded to the library, you’d just be able to go to the library and get the mediaId - or just use the filter option on the statistics page.

okay got it. thank you sir. appreciate the support. <3

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