Not really xibo fault

Hi, my xibo installation is, in my opinion, working well. I hope i understand the mind behind creating content.
But every day my xibo pc is starting, i have a connecting problem to xiboserver. Every start the automatic search for settings /proxy is enabled (in controlcenter->internetsettigns) and so the xiboplayer can’t connect to the xibo server. So i have to remote login to the pc, deactivate the proxysettings and after that it’s working.
How could i setup the proxysettings for my pc to be always off?

It sounds like something like Group Policy is forcing that setting back.

You’d need to speak to your domain administrator and ask them to make the change for you to have it be persistent.

:slight_smile: well i’m the domain administrator.
I tried some settings: group policy (but xibo isn’t in domain), registry and so on. Nothing worked.
so my workaround is to login every morning and switch off these settings.
I really don’t know why only this PC is working like this, because my other 400 PC’s don’t have this behaviour…

I see. As you say, nothing in Xibo will cause those settings to be enabled so you’ll need to look at other things on your system that may be causing those to be set.