Not more than 1 Android Client recognized by CMS

I’m glad you got there in the end. Hopefully a later firmware update for those will allow you access to the menu.

You should be able to set the software licence address for the Players directly from the CMS. The main issue will come if you have problems and we need to see the Player status screen.

For everyone that is interested:
I found the file inside: data/media/user/data/data/
there is a line called hardwarekey ->changed that into another one

Thank you alex and cslaughter for joining me on this journey.

Thanks for the update.

Just for the sake of clarity for anyone else coming along and reading this thread, we do not endorse or support directly editing those files. All changes should be carried out via the Xibo CMS and the Settings menu within the application itself. For best results, we strongly advise using hardware from our recommended hardware list.