None super Admin users unable to edit layoputs

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CMS Version

3.0.3 Docker on Linux Mint 20.2

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Windows and Android

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Layouts created by a super admin are unable to be edited by non super admins. They are able to checkout but unable to show content and when clicking on an image in the Layout region they get error “Unexpected Error, please contact support” When user made super admin all OK. Obviously not a good idea to have all as super admin. How can I resolve the issue?

Users will only have access to their own media unless it has been shared with them.

You could create specific Folders and set the Share options for User/Usergroups so that each object contained or later added will inherit those options. Or set the Edit/View/Delete share options on the object itself.

Hi Natasha - all media has been shared to all users. Now they can see the media in the layout region when they click on it but till unable to add or delete from the region. All layouts also shared.

Hi Skullster,

Thank you for the update on your issue. Could you provide the following information so I can see if I can replicate and troubleshoot your issue:

  • Screenshots showing the share options you have set on the layout that the standard user cannot modify.
  • The Feature settings you have set on the standard user account. I am particularly interested in the Content and Users Features.
  • Can you run a Report Fault check so I can see what is happening when the unexpected error is returned?

To run the report fault and create the logs I need, please follow these steps:

  • Log in as the user account with this issue and go to the Report Fault menu.
  • Follow the steps and choose Turn On Debugging when the option appears.
  • Continue with the steps and choose Open in a new Window/tab. Do not close the original tab/window, we will need to return here shortly.
  • Go to the new tab/window and recreate the issue so that you receive the unexpected error. When you see the error, wait a few seconds then close the new window/tab and return to the original window.
  • Continue with the steps and click Collect and Save when the option appears. This will create and download a zip file named troubleshoot.
  • Finally continue with the steps and choose Turn Off Debugging when the option appears.

Please can you pass on the file in a private message to me? It could include sensitive logs so I would not recommend posting it in this thread.
I’ve heard some users cannot send me private messages so I will send you one first that you can reply to when you have the zip file.

Many Thanks.

Hi Dan I have moved everything - l;ayouts, displays, mnedia etc into folders and shared the folder. Users now seem to be able to access the system correctly. I can still send the fault report if it miught help.

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Hi Skullster,

Excellent, I suspected this would be the case and the logs would confirm it. Now that you have moved your layouts etc into folders and added shares, you do not need to send the logs as the issue appears to have been related to the permissions you had at the time.

Many Thanks.

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