No update on my TVs


I have a problem with Xibo 1.8.2 : when I make a modification on a layout (in a campaign), the update is not transmit to my TVs. But when I don’t use campaign and I just planify layouts, if I do a modification, my TV diffuse that.

If you want I can send you my logs.

Thanks for your help

If you do have relevant log messages, then sure please do send it to me via private message.

Campaign are just groups of layouts in an pre-defined order, it’s pretty much the same if you’d schedule each of your layout separately.

What kind of changes do you make? replace image etc or are there changes to let’s say datasets for example?

Since it’s 1.8.2 (both cms and player I assume), if you have the XMR configured, all changes you made should be sent to the player pretty much instantly (then it may take a moment for the player to download new files if needed).

I’m a new user, I can’t sent log. You can download it here : drive
I understand that about the campaign, but my prolem is very strange.

For example if I change the text in a textarea, the tv continu to display the old if I use a campaign, else the tv display the changement.
But if I use a campaign, I do a modification on my layout and I modify the order of my layout in my campaign my tv receive the changement.
For waiting, when I modify a layout, I always modify the order of my layout in my campagn to see the modifications on my tv . I have find another soluce : I go on my list of tv -> edit -> advanced and I click on reconfigure XMR : my TV do the update on my layout.

Thank you for your very quick answer