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I have three screens, which have the same display campaign, only one of the three still does not display the correct content. I went checked in the heading “displays” and there is a download icon displayed in the column “status”. As if the box was still trying to load new content. Where does the error come from? what should be done?

Thank you.

There are 3 possible icons that you will see in the Status column under the Displays option:

Cloud - This suggests that there are changes to the schedule for that Display but it has not yet collected them.
Cross - This should be seen alongside a Tick in the Logged in Column, as it suggests that the Display is downloading required files.
Tick - This means that the Display is up to date and has all of the required files it needs to show its current schedule.

If you are seeing a Cloud icon in the Status column, I would first recommend checking the Last Accessed column, as this will give you an idea as to whether your Display is still checking in with your CMS but not downloading the files it requires.

If the Display has not connected to your CMS for longer than you would expect, or longer than the Collect Interval you have set in the Display Profile, this would suggest that the Display cannot contact your CMS. You can then test this by opening a web browser on your device and seeing if you can log int your CMS. If this is the case, please let me know whether you were able to log in. If you receive any errors, please pass them on.

If the Display is still regularly contacting your CMS but is still not changing to a Cross or Tick in the Status column, then the issue will need further investigation.

Can you confirm:

  • What version of the CMS are you using?
  • What version of the Player are you using?

Please also provide a screenshot from the Status Page from the Display. If you are using Xibo for Windows, you access the page by clicking on the i key on your keyboard whilst the Xibo Player is running. For Android Players, you click on the screen whilst the Xibo Player is running and choose Status from Action Bar at the top of the screen.

You are welcome to send these screenshots to me privately if you would prefer.

Many Thanks.