No sounds for embedded html

We have a simple queue management system, where the player (WebOS v3 R300) is showing the numbers, but until recently also played a sound. But probably the policies of autoplay has been sharpened, wherefore the sounds isn’t playing anymore without interaction first.
In Chrome, this works. In the player, we have no option to interact.
Is there a possibility to alter the autoplay policy for WebOS?
[How to allow video autoplay in a Google Chrome kiosk app in version 66 or later - Stack Overflow](https://How to allow autoplay)
We have Xibo in Docker, v3.1.2, working without problems.
A second player (Windows V3 R302.4-302) is showing the the same queue, sound seems to be working so far, but maybe can you check if the policy is open for autoplay (I’ve add the link on the whitelist of the Windows-player).

Thanks in advance!

Hi Vinnce, thank you for your message. Please can you open a ticket on the help desk using this form so we can continue to support this issue from there. If you can add to the ticket that it is for the attention of Daniel that will help me to locate the ticket when it is opened.

Many Thanks.

Hi @DanBW, I made the ticket.

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