No embedded HTML after suspend of client

we have several client display (Win 8.1) with the latest XIBO-Version (1.7.3) and layouts which display several html-webpages (local calenders, local news,…) from our local network not from the internet.
The clients goto sleep (suspend) every afternoon and automatically resume at 7:00.
Since XIBO 1.7.3 the local webpages won’t be displayed after resume of the clients. Only a blank region is shown. I have to stop the xibo-client software and restart it. Before 1.7.3.this wasn’t necessary, the local webpages were displayed as expected.
Is it a bug?
Thanks for any hints.

Can you make sure you have CEF disabled in the player settings?

Hi Dan,
sorry for mystupid question, but qhat do you mean with CEF. I didn’t found any"check-box" for disabling CEF in the “XIBO-Client-Option” windowon the PC.
Sorry, but it is monday morning :wink:
Bye and thanks advanced


Sorry I meant that in the display profile there is an advanced setting called “CEF”. This is basically an attempt to move away from Internet Explorer to Chrome for rendering webpages - but it could also have an effect on the problem you are seeing.

This is not a very good screenshot, but I hope it explains what I mean :smiley:


Hi Dan,
thanks for the screenshot. But the CEF-Option was disabled. :frowning:
I’ll try to stop the xibo-client before suspend and restart it after resume. Perhaps it’ll help.
But in older xibo-versions (1.6, <1.7.3) their wasn’t the problem.