No custom Font + Ticker Background problem

I’m using Xibo Cloud Instance and i have a problem with my xibo windows player.
I’m using Aileron Heavy Regular, font is available by default with the cms instance, but don’t work on my display.
I have the font file (35.otf) in my Xibo Library folder but no font.css

I have another problem, i set a ticker with a background color, it’s working on preview, not with the xibo player. I see the ticker but not the ticker background, i see my background picture.

I use French Windows Install.


Sorry to hear you are experiencing these issues. Can you open a Ticket for your issues in the Help desk?

Please include in your Ticket the URL of your Cloud CMS so I can locate it and take a closer look.

Many Thanks.

In case any other members of the Community are experiencing the same problems, 2 reports have been created to resolve the above mentioned issues:

Many Thanks.