Newbie Question - Campaigns and Layouts

Hi Xibo Community!!

I am in the process of configuring our Xibo server for a cost savings proof of concept. We currently pay a monthly / yearly subscription fee to our digital signage vendor.

I need to structure Xibo in a way that my Corporate departments, mainly HR and IT, have a layout for announcements, and each one of our plants has their own layouts, mainly HR and IT. The Corporate HR and IT can be viewed enterprise-wide, but the plant HR and IT layouts can only be viewed by that specific plant.

At first, I was building the separate layouts, Corp IT, Corp HR, Plant1 IT, Plant1 HR, and so on. Then I built a campaign for Plant1 and included the Corp IT, Corp HR, Plant1 IT, and Plant1 HR. But I believe this may be an incorrect way to accomplish this…

I believe I need to create a separate Campaigns for Corp IT, Corp HR, Plant1 IT, and Plant1 HR. Then schedule the campaign. Is this the correct way?

I would appreciate any feedback and advise the community has to offer! I appreciate your time!

Hi there,

You stated: “But I believe this may be an incorrect way to accomplish this.” Why do you believe this? It sounds exactly like how I’d do it. Each plant gets is own Campaign that includes all corporate and plant-specific Layouts.

Remember: a Campaign is nothing more than a sequence of Layouts that plays in the specified order. So to me, the way you described it is the easiest solution.

One pointer: If you have Layouts in a Campaign and your Layouts have multiple regions, ALL content from EACH region will play before the next Layout starts. For me this was a problem - I had a left frame that was inadvertently configured with a duration of multiple days. As such, the second Layout in line in the Campaign never played. (It would have if I waited a few days…) So be sure you know exactly what to expect from each Layout individually before starting to use Campaigns.

Hope this helps…