New user does not have permission for any selected homepage

I have installed Xibo on an own (public ubuntu linux) webserver (not docker), it works, but when I create a new user (type user) I get the error: “User does not have permission for this homepage” for any home page selected.

Where can I set / change the permissions for the different pages in the system or why can I not select the “Dashboard” as homepage?

You should be able to select Dashboard as a homepage.

The ‘error’ is there because new user (user type) has no permissions to begin with, you might want to set the initial user group to ‘Users’ which has some basic permissions, then adjust permissions as required.

You can also create your own user group with the permissions you need and then add a new user to that group from the start.

Right! Solution found!

I see: I had to set the rights via Usergroups -> “Page security”-action of the created user group.

These rights where all cleared… so no no page allowed for the “Homepage” when creating a new user!
After setting several pages to enable it works!

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im 'm realy to enjoy to use Xibo
I have a question about the permissions of groupe.
i had created a new user and affect him at the Group users. Before I had defined the permission of Group Users like “display” but my new user don’t have the permission to see and edit display on the schedule. The are 4 people who need to access at this fonction. What can i do? It’s maybe very simple but i’dont find.

I would recommend checking that the User has permission to View and Edit the Display.

To do this, log into your CMS using an Admin User. Select the Displays option in your CMS and click the small down facing arrow at the end of the Display that you would like to make available to the other Users. Select Permissions from the menu. I have included a screenshot below of the menu I’m referring to:

This will open the Permissions Page. You will need to make sure that the Users that you wish to be able to view and edit the Display have the appropriate boxes ticked. Save any changes you have made.

If this does not resolve the issue, please let me know.

Also please do not add a new issue to an old closed post. If you have any further issues, please start a new post.

Many Thanks.

Thank for your answer Dan,
you’re right, it’s good use an old closed post. But just for this time, i answer her
Do do that, with the first page of help xibo, i click on new topic? Sorry…
Concern my problem, if i give the permision for my new user to view and edit display, he can access it. But like he is in Users groupe, i had thougth he will herits of the permission groupe. This is a point i don’t understand.

You are correct, if you wish to create a new post, you will need to click the New Topic button on the page, in the top right corner.

When a User is part of a User Group, they will have access to the Pages in the CMS that have been ticked in the Page Security option of that User Group. For example, if you have the Displays option ticked, Users who are part of this group will be able to access the Displays page in the CMS. Please note that access to the Displays page is not the same as permission to view, edit or delete any of the Displays themselves.

You will see in the Permissions page for each Display, that you can pass on view, edit and delete permissions to a Group too, it does not have to be individual Users.

In short, Page Security and Permissions are not the same. One allows access to the page, the other permits the user to make changes to the items within that page.

Many Thanks.