New user added - Fails on Login

Interesting bug.

Tried this multiple times to make sure it was the same each time.

I add a new user and do Not put them into the “User” group in the form. Instead I happened to let the form say what it did. It was on the actual xyz Group I wanted him in.

Did the add, checked… and yep he is in the xyz Group. Great.

So since I double check everything when learning a system… I logged out as Admin, and went to sign in as him.

Server failure…

Now If I go in and Delete him and start over … exact same info EXCEPT I move the Initial Group of “User”. Did the add, checked and yep he is in the User Group. Good again.

But now when I go to sign in as him… the server does not puke… it logs him in.

Tried this bit with several dummy test users… always the same failure… and method to fix. New User has to be in User Group to start with.

Hmm I can’t recreate this one, it’s working fine for me.

What exactly happens when you try to log in as a new user? Perhaps there is some issue with permissions, since the default ‘Users’ userGroup also has some default permissions.

Might be that your xyz group doesn’t have permissions to the Login/Home page security - in which case he would get logged in but immediately denied access

Yes… I will be looking at the permissions. That seems to be the most logical possibility. It is however confusing to a Newbie to the system (like me). It would be nice if it was a bit more informative rather than just saying it died though.

Granted, although at the same time you wouldn’t want to present the user with too much detail that might lead them to try and break through the permissions.

We’ve made permissions simpler in 1.8 so that there is a list of all the pages that corresponds exactly to what you see in the URL bar - this should make it simpler to work out which page is missing the necessary permission.