New to Xibo - change order inside a layout

Hi! I’m extremely new to Xibo - and what I’m seeing:
I have a few different layouts; when I add media - they appear to add to the end of the layout. How do you reorder them? Because they aren’t appearing that way when I preview them and I would like to move them around.

I tried to connect to the manual to see if these easy things are listed there, and it is broken.


Open Region Timeline, then simply drag the widget move it where you want and drop it there.

If you were clicking on the manual link in your local CMS, then it would imply that the path to the manual in CMS settings is incorrect if it didn’t show correctly for you.

In any case, this is the page that might be of interest to you

Thank you –

They appear in the correct order in this list, but when previewing they are separated by a few slides.

Also, I deleted media, and it still displays.

I have tried everything – I need a beginners manual on the basics, I believe… because this is not working

Thanks for your help