New Text Module

I just upgraded my test Xibo server to 1.8.9. An interesting thing (which would be nice to fix in future versions) is I have always forgotten to add a duration to the Text tool because it’s on another tab. On this version, there seems to not be a duration by default. How exactly is this meant to work? Is the expectation that the region will not change, or is there some type of default time? And in either case, can the duration settings be moved to the initial tab on future revisions?

Each widget will use the associated module default duration if it’s not explicitly set on the widget itself.

In Text widget case, you can edit text widget -> Options tab -> Set a duration?
once this checkbox is ticked, you can enter a duration for this specific text widget.

You can also alter the default duration of the Text module
Modules page -> find and edit Text module -> adjust default duration.