New Setup and What are Requirements Needed

I am looking into installing a 32" to 40" Smart TV in our lobby.
I would like to get opinions about smart TV or not as to the best way to get connected and run content.

We are hoping to split the TV screen into three areas. Basically two large areas left and right.

The left would be running a slide show of photos stored in a specific location. This location could have photos added and the slide show would automatically add the new photos into the slide show.

The right side would be showing helpful public information. This would usually be text content, but should allow formatting.

The bottom would be a small ticker area showing current time and weather.

I have a Cat6 network port at the location of the TV at this time. I could run another cable like HDMI in the future if needed. Would my ideas working over our internal network? I don’t have room to place a PC at the TV due to it being mounted 6 foot up on the wall.

Any help and suggestions would be greatly appreciated.