New module as plugin problem

I have been making a plugin in version 1.6.4. It’s a module similar to Shell Command but it’s set and default for user.

However, when I start making the corresponding php and else thing. The CMS would not load the AddForm page as it states as Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 500 (Internal Server Error) However, when I check in log in database. There is nothing error.

I have

  • Add a Tv module in database under module
  • Created a modules/tvmodule.module.php
  • Created 2 pages theme/default/html/media_from_tvmodule_add.php theme/default/html/media_from_tvmodule_edit.php
  • In the Client side I made a client/python/plugins/media/

Is there any page I have missed to edit or add?

500 Internal Server Error means there’s likely a syntax error in your code somewhere. You’ll need to fix that before it loads. The error you posted and then deleted is a food starting point actually and would cause that error.

Thank you.
I just made a really stupid mistake. I forget to change the class name.

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